Aux Delices was established in 1975 at its Potrero location across from San Francisco General Hospital by Sinh Luong. The second family-owned business location opened here on Polk Street in 1987 and has been part of the quaint Russian Hill neighborhood ever since.


Aux Delices translates as 'At the Delights' and is considered French Vietnamese because Viet Nam had been a possession of France from the late nineteenth century. Vietnamese cuisine is light, crisp, and fresh. Chef and owner, Tina Nguyen, offers quality dishes that include herbs and spices such as mint, cilantro, basil, lemongrass, ginger, and garlic.

The Nguyen family invites everyone into their restaurant as if it were their own home and is loyal in their commitment to creating quality and flavorful food.


Mon & Wed-Fri 5pm-10pm | Sat-Sun 4:30pm-10pm | Closed Tuesdays

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